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Net Promoter® & Voice of the Customer are Better With Customerville.


Net Promoter® &

Voice of the Customer

can be incredibly effective, but only when they engage customers and inspire employees.





Net Promoter Score® is an immensely popular metric, and you should know yours.  But after working with NPS® and the companies who make use of the number for nearly a decade, our take on when and where to use it as a management tool might surprise you.

If You're in Charge of NPS, You're a Magazine Publisher.

Great enterprise feedback isn’t just about collecting data. It’s about engaging and connecting with customers so they want to give you more than just the bare minimum in feedback, then “selling” the story to the internal audience who needs to act on it. Welcome to the publishing business.



Clearview Cinemas CEO Doug Oines knew their plan to bring back service touches not seen since Cinema´s Golden Age would only work if every single employee committed 100%. Here´s how they did it.




“For Doctors Express, the most important thing is to remember that our patients are customers. This one fact is changing our entire industry. And it means that the doctor must not only be extremely competent, but also know how to treat the patient as a whole person.” More…


“We get this kind of response simply because feedback is important to us. It’s ingrained in our culture. Our managers check the survey comments daily. They post the positive ones in the back room where the other employees are sure to see them and celebrate them . . . It’s just something we love to participate in.”




“Today we’re this big, multi-brand, multi-channel, global company, but we started as an incredibly local-feeling brand.  Keeping that warm connection between our customers and our employees is vital to us.” More…

Mobile Surveys Now Even Awesomer

When it comes to customer experience surveys, going mobile is no longer an option — it’s a must.  But in order to take advantage of this medium’s full potential, you’ve gotta do it just right.  You’ll love how our new SE3 survey engine does that.


E-publishing: Put Voice of the Customer In Your Co-workers’ Inboxes

We say it all the time: Your co-workers at all levels of the organization are an audience.  To turn Voice of the Customer into something that translates into daily action, you’ve got to win their attention. The newest release of our beloved E-publishing engine lets you do just that.  Targeted, beautiful e-mail updates put the right customer experience info in the right inbox at the right time.


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